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We are running into issues with installing Microsoft Teams from the Apple App Store on a 4th Gen iPad running iOS 10.3.3.


When attempting to install Teams, it gives us the error message :

Cannot Download App

Microsoft Teams is not compatible with this device


I have another iPad 4th Gen but running iOS 10.3.1 and Teams successfully installs, but I do get the message asking :


Do you want to download the last compatible version. This version of Microsoft Teams is not compatible with this device.


I click download, and it works and provides version 1.0.59, build 1.077.2018112101, call version 2018.42.01.1.

I can see the on the app store that Teams supports iOS 10.0 and higher, but the 4th Gen iPad isn't listed under Compatibility, but why would this working on the same model of iPad running on 10.3.1. The version on the app store is also 1.0.64.


I would expect teams to no longer be available for iOS 10.3.1 rather than 10.3.3.

Does anyone know if this is a bug and if MS intend to make it available for the 4th Gen 10.3.3?

Both iPads are model MD522B/A. Apple doesn't provide iOS updates for this iPad, so 10.3.3 is the latest version.

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Even if you'd get to install it on old iPad, as long as this issue isn't corrected, it isn't worth the effort!!!

I have teams working on my iPad 4th gen iOS 10.3.3

its ok, not perfect but ok

when I try to update to teams 2.0.23, it downloads, start installing then stops and tells me it can't download at this time


if not compatible it should say not compatible and not download!


so, suggest this is fixed....or better still how about supporting older iOS devices?

Not all of can afford new ones, and also I figure worst for the environment to keep throwing out devices just because some developer has got lazy!