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Khushi Shaikh
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How to use Team for firm-wide Announcement. The Conversation tab shows the older feeds first. We need the most recent tab on the top. Any other way to use Team for firm-wide announcement?

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Pinned conversations are a uservoice request but you cannot do that Yet. SharePoint Comm site for news is your best option for News if you don't want to go down the Yammer path.

If you must stay in Teams, then I would recommend Putting a news Channel where you put news into, you could also put connectors there to add news, but as you say they will scroll as they are added.

Also you could Pin "News" as a tab on your general channel or wherever on a Team, that links to News article pages, either SharePoint or you could use the Wiki etc.

How big is the company? If it's more than a few hundred people then I would suggest that Yammer is a better place for company wide communications, communities of interest etc. Microsoft sometimes refer about this as your 'outer loop'. Posting an Announcement message in Yammer's All Company group is a great way to alert everyone.


Teams is for the groups of people you directly work with, your 'inner loop'.

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