Team email address - can we disable/de-activate the email address assigned to the team?

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One of our teams are having a slight issue with an email mailbox auto created since they set up a new Team. Is there a way to delete the email address associated with the new team? The team mailbox is unmanned so the risk is missing important mails coming into the mailbox. Thank you
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Every Team comes with an underlying Microsoft 365 Group, which in turn features a mailbox. You cannot remove the mailbox itself, but can "subscribe" members to make sure they receive any messages sent to the address directly in their inboxes. Or change the address to "" or similar :)
thank you for the advice - that's really helpful :)
Is "subscribe" the same as "follow" ?( Outlook > Group Mail > Group Settings >Follow in Inbox >All email and Events) or is there an easier/shorter way to "subscribe"?