Team disappears after role change from Owner to Member

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We have a MS Teams team named: Testing

Owner: test1, test2

Member: test3, test4


Team "Testing" has multiple Channels.


Via I am changing the role of the Owner test2 to a Member.

After this change, the team & all channels have been removed for user "test2". The user cannot see them in the Web Client or the Windows App anymore. How is this possible?


Another way which I have tested is:

I have removed the Owner test2 from the team "Testing".

I have added the Member test2 to the team "Testing".

The user test2 was immediately able to see the team, but lost all "private" channels. How can we avoid this?


Are the above mentioned behaviors normal?


What is the best way to make an owner a member or the other way without having a big impact like above mentioned?

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Thank you for reaching out to report this issue! We have identified the problem and are working on rolling out a fix. 


Until then, can you change the role of the user from Teams client instead of using admin portal?






Hi Michael,


thanks for the reply.

So can I be sure that this problem will be fixed soon?

Do you have a plan when the problem will be solved?


Thanks & Bests



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@MeloNakim This fix finished rolling out late last week. So, now when you demote a owner from the team via Teams Admin Center, the user won't be removed from the team and will be demoted as expected. There will be some delay (around 24 hrs) depending on how soon the sync happens.


We are working on another feature to reduce this delay.






This has not been resolved.

I was following a fix to enable me to install the Planner App. It said to change my role from Owner to Member and now the Teams site has gone!

This issue is still ongoing, is there any ETA?