Team Code option not showing

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I don't seem to have the option in my Team - Settings to generate a Team Code.

Any ideas? Is there something that I need to consciously 'enable'?

I am the Team Owner.

I have this problem on both the app and web interface.

Grateful for any help the community can offer on this.





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@James_Murrayif you are using the Business edition and if you are the owner you should see that option, but if you are using Teams for Free, the team code is not available Teams free version.


@Pervaiz Dostiyar Thanks.

Yes - you are correct - I am using Teams via a Msft 365 Family account, which only gives me Teams for Free, so I cannot get a team code.

Teams for Free will also not allow me to schedule a meeting.

A bit disappointing, but there you go.


@James_Murray  the scheduled meeting needs Exchange online but hey don't be disappointed as you are using the great product with having persistent chat, audio, video, Communication, and Collaborations. "Microsoft Teams"


@James_Murray  I think because you're using a free version of Teams