Team channels 'collapse' when moving between Teams

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Hi all. I have just seen some unusual Microsoft Teams behaviour with a colleague, and am wondering if anyone else has experienced this. When moving between Teams their Team channels all collapse, as if clicking the twisty by the Team name, which hides all of the Channels in the Teams. This means they miss notifications in those Teams which have collapsed. It is not to do with the Show/Hide feature because all channels, including General, are behaving this way.


Anyone else come across this?


Thanks, Laurie

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I am currently experiencing this but interestingly not consistently. Currently I have an A, B and C team. It is not possible for me to have A and C teams expanded at the same time - expanding either of them will collapse the other. B team appears unchanged.


A team is org-wide and has 1 channel

B team is org and has 6 channels

C team is org and has 1 channel, and 2 guests


This behaviour is certainly mildly annoying, but at least it can be mitigated with by Pinning channels - and otherwise I assume just one of the myriad of papercuts that must be endured when using teams.



@Laurie Willis 

I have the same issue and it cannot be solved by pinning the channels. Anyone that knows how to  solve this issue?

yes you have another feature which will show you all teams only without channels . Select Teams and  underneath at right  chose manage teams it will view all your teams only to manage easily@Laurie Willis