Team call are going to voicemail when call.

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Hello Teams community,


Please I have a user who is complaining that Teams calls are going to Voicemail. 


Is there a way to stop or disable the team's calls from going to Voicemail? 

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Can you check with the user if the user has configured to forward all the calls to voicemail in the call forwarding settings either on the desktop app or mobile app or Teams Certified IP Phone.

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Satish U
Yes teams was configured on the Desktop app. But we have disabled it on the Desktop app.

But we haven't confirmed that from the Mobile app or Teams Certified IP Phone.

Does that mean we also need to confirm from the Mobil app and Certified IP Phone.

Can you login in to the Teams Desktop App or Web App once and make the changes to the settings. It will take sometime and it should be replicated to all the different app.

Kindly ensure you request the user to log out from Microsoft Teams IP Phone if any

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Satish U

Thank you for your reply.


According to the user, there are no teams installed on the Certified IP Phone devices. They have deleted and re-installed teams on the affected user's mobile device. But they are still having the same issue.


They have enabled "Voicemail is available for routing inbound calls" on the teams' Admin Centre the calls keep going to voicemail. but when we click on "Not Enabled" the calls come back with an error "Calls Cannot be completed".





We have also tried the settings on team client below but still same problem. Calls keep going to voicemail.