Team Android Mobile app syncing issue.

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I am writing to bring to your attention a critical issue affecting a significant portion of our fleet of Android devices. Approximately 10-20 percent of our devices are experiencing a perplexing problem with the Teams application, wherein certain teams fail to sync and update properly.

To date the only fix is for the user to log into a web browser version of teams and look at the teams channel it then updates on the tablet.

The symptoms of this issue are as follows: despite new posts being made in a channel, affected devices display outdated information and fail to reflect the latest updates. Consequently, users are unable to access crucial information in a timely manner, significantly impeding workflow and collaboration efforts.


To date, we have exhausted various troubleshooting measures, all of which have proven ineffective in resolving the issue. These include:

  1. Clearing cache and temporary files: This action results in channels appearing blank, devoid of any data, including both old and new posts.

  2. Logging out and then back in: Despite attempting to re-authenticate, the problem persists.

  3. Deleting the Teams application from the device: Reinstalling the application has not yielded any improvements.



Interestingly, we have observed that if a user is tagged in a post, the content becomes accessible through the activity tab of Teams. However, this workaround is not a sustainable solution for our operational needs.


Given the severity of this issue and its adverse impact on our productivity, we urgently require your assistance in identifying and rectifying the root cause from the administrative side. Any insights or guidance you can provide to resolve this matter expediently would be greatly appreciated.

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@JBIncluda We are experiencing the exact same issue with our Samsung Tab A8 tablets and the Teams android app. Every few weeks the users will notice that they are missing important messages in certain Teams channels. The only way to fix it is to login via the browser on a desktop and open the affected channels. As soon as they are viewed in the browser they become available in the Teams android app.


We've been experiencing the issue for a few months now.

The users all have F1 365 licences with Intune installed on the tablet.


I've seen posts about similar issues dating back to July 2023 and still there is no fix.