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Hi all,

What are the issues or consideration when we rename a team or channels?

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You can rename the channels and team name from teams with no issues! Keep in mind this is the display names though! The backend group and folders won’t change! So it can be confusing if they go from teams to sharepoint for example and the folders are named differently...
Changing the folder names in SP is not recommended
Hi Adam,

Do you know why changing the folder name is not recommended in SP?

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there is a correlation between the channel and the folder...there is risk of breaking that by changing the foldername. I just tried this again and now get a 404 error even if I changed the foldername to the same changed channelname

You _can_ rename a folder that is connected to a channel, however it will not change the folder name but will create a new folder with the new name and leave the old one intact.

Renaming a Team doesn't rename it's associated site collection or mailbox. They still work (it doesn't break correlation), but it makes it hard to tell which site or mailbox matches the team, because the name no longer match.

Eg. We had a Team created as "News & Information". The team owner later renamed it "Press Office" When they later asked for support for the "Press Office" team site, I couldn't find that in SharePoint central admin center....because in SharePoint admin center, it was still named "News & Information"

@Star_D Hey, you should follow this roadmap id!


"Pairing the channel and the corresponding SharePoint folder name".

Microsoft 365 Roadmap | Microsoft 365

Thanks! Is there one for the Team mailbox too?
We noticed that (both address & display name) also doesn't get changed with a Team rename.

[addendum: that roadmap feature only mentions channels, and therefore only mentions the site being renamed on private channels.  It doesn't mention Team & site renaming outside of channels.  Also, it unfortunately doesn't seem to include GCC]