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Greetings, its now Sept. 24th and still now Tasks, I can't seem to find the rollout timeline anymore (maybe since it started in July) but is it supposed to be the end of Sept at the latest? Later? I understand it is supposed to be default enabled, is there a way to tell if our administrators have disabled it? 

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@Donovon Dildine, been wondering the same...not many days left in September now and still no Tasks!


Does anyone here see the new Tasks app in their tenants yet?

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You add the planner app. It will have the same app and. And initially before changing to Tasks. Load that and it’ll tell you at the top if you have not had the new updates pushed. I think a handful have but they probably ironing out some bugs before pushing to larger audiences but keep checking planner app that’s where it’ll be.

@Chris Webb, totally aware of that it will show up in the Planner and I have the app installed already. Some months there was a notification in the app that it will soon change to Tasks, but after that there's been nothing. Getting somehow tired of Microsoft's rollout schedules as they never seem to be able to keep what they promise...

Yup it has been somewhat frustrating. I’m sure it’ll be out any day now that Ignite is over.

Noticed today that the status of the item in Microsoft 365 roadmap has changed to Launched but I still can't see the new Tasks/Planner in our tenant. Anyone else seeing it?

@Mattias Skog Hello Mattias, this is what I see and I assume you're seeing the same. Understand the frustration but they can't release features as GA until it passes several quality assurance checks, hence the delays with multiple roadmap items. 



Yes, @ChristianBergstrom, I see the same! But, still the item status has changed to Launched in the roadmap, which it should not if it's not GA yet...

@ChristianBergstrom Yeah, I see the same problem, this was announced in July, its been released to so many people that you can find 50 articles on its use online, and there has been multiple Microsoft announcements its supposed to be GA in September, but here we are, on the 30th, and still....

If it really needs so much "work" why do so many out there have it already? Is there really that many beta testers? It's just that Microsoft's announcements and moving timeline are confusing for endusers. 

They roll out differently based on the impact of the feature. Goes to small groups first. Then larger. Then a big group and then the rest in many cases. They delay the next group based on issues etc. Some of us are just in that “the rest” group for this feature. Some times you get it early sometimes not. Takes a month or more to rollout some of these features. But then marking roadmap as complete if that happened does seem odd.

@Donovon Dildine Well, we are getting somewhere. I see now Planner has ToDo in the app, but still no Outlook flagged tasks yet. So maybe not completely rolled out. 

Yep, showed up for me today also. Thank you, Microsoft!

I'm also hoping for the "Flagged email" and "My Day" functionality as it's functionality I use daily. Microsoft's official documentation says it's not available at this time. Hopefully one day...