Tasks by Planner App not adding to certain Teams channels

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Hi - 


I have been unable to add the Tasks by Planner app to all my teams channels. Some add with no issues but two other Teams it just says "We couldn't save your tab settings. Please try again."


Is there a reason for this? Any help appreciated!



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@Claire-Louise_Bode  yes this has happened to me in the past where I was the admin for the Office 365 group and same owner for that team but was not able to add the planner as soon as I added my self as a member in the Office 365 group I was able to add the planner to those teams.


even one team end creating a planner by another user though I added my self as a member, then owner still was not able to create a planner then asked another regular user to create a tab with a new planner for that team inside the general channel and the user was able and I start using it.


Note: in the second case the Team setting was defaulted means the users were able to create tabs.