Tasks by planner and to do - Updating task or completing task

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Hi All,


I am having issues completing tasks, adding new tasks or updating existing tasks.

New tasks can't be added, existing tasks can not be changed or completed.


I have tried signing on via teams mobile app, website and via Teams program and have been unsuccessful in making any of theses changes through these channels. (i have also signed out of all of these channels, closed them down and tried again)


Can someone please help?

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Did it just stop working? Any other with same issues? I’d create feedback through Help -Feedback and also create a ticket with Microsoft if this continues


@adam deltinger , the tasks all dissapeared and wouldnt display (like it was new or had deleted everything). I signed out and signed back in a day or so later and was able to see them. But noticed I wasnt able to action them.


I’d create a ticket to sort this out!



Are you using an on-premise user?


Because Microsoft just literally screwed me over with the following message:


"Microsoft is committed to transparency regarding incidents that affect our customers. As part of this commitment, we’re writing to inform you that a recent misconfiguration inadvertently resulted in the unsupported ability of your users to access Microsoft To Do within your on-premises environment, including Tasks within Teams. This access is unsupported for tenants with on-premises accounts and can cause permanent data loss of To Do lists after performing a migration to Exchange Online mailbox. In efforts to prevent any actual data loss and to mitigate the impact we’ve changed access of Microsoft To Do into a read-only state for your organization on Friday, January 22, 2021 that will last until February 22, 2021. After February 22, 2021, your users will no longer have access to Microsoft To Do, or Teams Tasks permanently as this feature was not intended for use in on-premises environments. During that time, you will need to take the steps outlined below to preserve your data."


You can imagine how happy I am right now, we recently began educating our users about using Teams the correct way and they just started using the Tasks application within their Teams. 


So much joy!