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I'm adding tasks to a "Teams Channel" and I want to add an attachment to the task, the attachment is a One Note tab, how do I do this? I see that you can add the whole book by adding a "OneNote" tab, that's nice, but i want to add just a tab from the whole notebook - is this possible or will i have to move the tab out and create a separate file to attach???


One other thing, when looking at the Headers, i see " Lists, Boards, Charts, etc" it always defaults to Boards, is it possible to change this to Lists?

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@Shaun_the_Photog If You want to add a OneNote-page to a Task in the Planner of the Team you can do the following:

Open OneNote in browser and the page. Copy the url from your browser address bar.

Go to your Team, open the Planner (Tasks). Open or create a task. 

Go to Add Attachment and select "A link to a URL"

Paste the url you recently copied.


It should then look like this when you have saved the task.



Regarding "Planner", you cannot default it to Lists.


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@MagnusGoksoyrOLDProfile , perfect this solved that issue

Another question for you, I've a channel with multiple Buckets, how can i use power automate to populate the different buckets where needed, does the table that is being used for the data need to be in a certain format? where can i find out this and other info on power automate?