Tasks by Planner and To Do not authenticating on Teams Android app

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Hello. 1st time posting here...

Using the most current version of Teams on the most current version of Android 10 on a fully updated MS Surface Duo (not limited to me) Tasks by Planner and To Do will show all my shared plan lists as well as the My tasks list (tasks, important, planned, etc...) However, when I select any one from the My tasks or shared plans lists, instead of bringing me to my list of tasks from which I can select one from, I'm brought back to the My tasks and shared plans list.

I noticed that when I select the Tasks by Planner And To Do icon from the Teams nav menu, it says "authenticating" briefly at the top of the screen and then dissappears.

All other functions of Teams on Android are working fine and Tasks was working flawlessly until 2 days ago. The rest of the members of my team are experiencing this failure in tasks not be able to be viewed on the mobile app as well.

On a side note, everything is working normally on the desktop and web apps.

Has anyone experienced this issue or know of what could be happening?

Thanks in advance - Josh
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Hi @Jcarlson1701 - welcome to the community!  We do our best to provide a timely answer to every post but that's not always possible - since there has been no response yet from this community, I recommend that you contact Microsoft support or answers.microsoft.com, where support agents are available to help troubleshoot issues until resolution.

Thanks for replying Therese, but it sees the update to the (at least) Android version of Teams the night before last corrected this issue.