Tasks assignment to team members and getting overall view of all members

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In our organization, I am leading a team of overall 10 people and 90% of the time it is me who assigning tasks to all of them and myself. when I go to the "Assigned to me" tab of the Planner, I can perfectly see ALL of the tasks that have been assigned to me so far. This way I can see my overall load in the company.


This is the same story for all of these members that I am responsible for. They can go to "Their" section of "Assigned to me" and look at all of their current/up coming/long future tasks as well, so they can see "their" overall load as well.


So far so good.



I would like to know if I can have somehow have the "overall load" view of my team members as well. like a "Assigned to xxxx" and instead of that xxxx, I need to filter a certain member and look at all of his/her assigned tasks.



Is there any way to have this??


thanks a lot.

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