Task review log with time stamp

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We are using tasks by planner and reviewing tasks in a huddle twice a week. It would be really, really nice to be able to add comments to a task that are date and timestamped to keep a history of our review of each task. 


For example on a contract task, I would like to open the card and make an entry that is date and time stamped with a comment perhaps to the effect: "spoke to attorney today - document will be returned to us with redlines next Tuesday". That goes into the card history and would be visible next time I open the card. This is not a message that is sent to people assigned to the task either - that would result in spam. Functionally, the task review comments would behave very similar to comments but they would not be mailed to the team (spam). With this, you could even "age" the tasks and be able to filter to tasks that have not been updated in more than a week. Or sort by date task was last updated.


I am using a work around where I use notes but I have to manually type the timestamp and the comments can be deleted. 


Does anyone have a method they use to document task review?

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