Task Publishing bug where it created duplicate Planner Board called "Tasks (1)"

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Any one else have this issue where you set up a team hierarchy, publish a task list, and instead of adding these tasks to the previously created Planner Board "Tasks" in the General channel of a team it creates a whole new Planner Board called "Tasks (1)"


Is this by design or is it a bug?




Separate to this issue is there no way to turn off "Show on Card" for attachments to tasks made specifically via Published Tasks? This button is greyed out when I attach a file. This is horrible for the board view as it just clutters the usable space.





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Published tasks should really be able to choose which planner board associated with a team that the list should be added to (plus a default for a team should be able to be set). For example:


1 Team or in our example a plant/site has 3 planner boards:

  • Tasks
  • Maintenance Tasks
  • Operations Tasks


In Published tasks be able to choose which of the 3 above planner boards each list is published to. However should be able to choose one of them as the default planner board for that team if no other choice is made.



Now I have just found that the plan created from Published Tasks is actually called "PublishingPlan" within Planner. This then shows up as "Tasks" or "Tasks (1)" as the Tab name in Teams as a result of Tasks being the default that the PublishingPlan board takes as a tab name within Teams, which in my case was already used.


Also found that we can rename the "PublishingPlan" planner and it will still post new published task to this board. However now I need to migrate all tasks from a different planner to this new one, which for general adoption is a nightmare.