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I recognize that the Teams icon on my task bar is set up so that I can hover and change my status. But if I have a specific chat opened when I glance at that icon it makes it look like the status I am seeing is that person's status. I see my status Icon next to their name. Is there a way to change this so it shows THEIR status next to their name?

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Can you send a screenshot of this so we can visualise it? Getting the hover part and changing presence, but can't replicate the part where you mention your status next to their name. 


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@Christopher Hoard The person who's name is redacted here is currently Available. I am currently Away. This makes it look like he is Away



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Got it

There is a feedback item already open for it. Its something which occurs on Windows 10.

Would recommend you vote up on it and get others to do so in order to push it up the agenda. Currently there is no way to amend this, so feedback is a way to get it in front of the engineering teams. Of course, it may be some time until it is reviewed so get as many as possible to vote on it


Other alternative is to upgrade to Windows 11 where Taskbar items are not displayed in this manner. They are display purely by icons, hence I was having trouble visualising.

Best of luck. Hope that answers your question and it's a change I'd like to see so I voted myself as many people will use Windows 10 for some time.

Best, Chris

Thanks so much for your fast response. I figured it was already reported but did not know how to search for it.