Taking several tries to join the right meeting on Mac laptop browser

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So here's a weird one ...


I have two Macs - a work one and an older home machine. I use both for my dayjob, which involves a few meetings a week on Teams, both at home and in the office.

When I try to join a Teams meeting, typically by clicking on the Join button in an Outlook Calendar event, my Mac loads a few previous meetings - which I then have to close - before finally loading the right meeting. It's quite frustrating and it means I usually have to start the Join process ten or fifteen minutes before the actual start of the meeting.


This is on a Chrome browser (I tried downloading and installing the Desktop App, and it just gave me "whirling beachball of death" every time I tries to join a meeting that way - so I abandoned that quite quickly).


Couldn't find any similar complaints via Google, so I thought I'd try here ...


I've tried all the obvious stuff like clearing the browser cache - no joy. And the weird thing is that I have two separate Macs (sharing only my company log-in) both showing the same symptoms.



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