Taking over an empty team

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I am testing a use-case where all members of a team have been removed. So there is no members and no owners and I am trying to repopulate the team with members. First I just used the Office 365 Admin portal and added a member to the underlying O365 Group. The team didn't show up in that user's Teams client straight away, so I left it overnight. The next morning that user still didn't have the team listed.


So I removed the user from the Group and then used the Add-TeamUser PowerShell to add the user as both member and owner. Around 1 hour later the team still doesn't show up in the user's team list in the web client or desktop client.


Should this have worked by now? Or will it just take some more time to take effect? How long is reasonable to wait?

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It shouldn't take too long, usually it's within an hour or so. But it was to my understanding you cannot remove all members from a Team, you always have to have an owner in them? But if that person get's deleted there wouldn't be any other option than to do it from the admin side.


What I've done as an alternitive that added teams pretty quickly was adding the through the groups UI in Outlook, assuming you have access to the group as an owner already thou.

I have just logged in and now the team is there. About 4 hours later.

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