Taking a simple poll using Forms

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So, I thought I'd take a simple poll of users in a private channel using the embedded Forms function. But, alas, you can't use apps in private channels. :(

Then I thought, I could create a group chat and use a Form there instead.  But here's what happens:


See?  Looks like it's there. But when I try to create one it does this. Yet, I can't find a way to "adjust my settings."


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Hi @Bill Holman ,


I tried to reproduce this but was unable to. I would normally suggest checking the tenant custom app permissions but Forms is a first party app.


However just to be sure,  can someone confirm this shows as allowed by way of the Teams admin centre.  I am sure it will be,  but worth a check. 


So to confirm Forms is working in the context of a channel, just not chat?


In terms of the chat you are trying to introduce Forms to,  is this a chat with someone in the same organisation as you? Is it a 1:1 chat or group? If group,  are you the person who instigated the chat?


If you start from scratch and click on Forms via the left apps nav link and choose chat,  does that work any better?


Is the same true in both desktop and Web versions?


Also to throw it out there and I am sure you are aware but there is still Polly that might be able to give you what you need.