TAC - Users to update their own AAs and CQs

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We run a 365 multi-tenant and have teams calling for many sites. One request we get a lot is for the site admin to be able to manage their own AAs and CQs. Currently our IT Department has to do this for all sites but we're wondering if theres any way single AAs and CQs can be assigned to a particular user for them to manage these themselves?


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Hi Mondas,

Currently this is not possible in the Teams Admin Center. I know Microsoft is working on a solution for the same but by when the functionality will be available there is no definite timelines from Microsoft Product Team on the same.

But in case you need a solution we have multiple ISV partner who can provide you with a dedicated solution for your organization that can support multiple AA and CQ. Let me know in case you need any additional information.

With Regards,
Satish Upadhyaya