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how can I insert a table with background colored cells in a WIKI tab?

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Hi @PascalDeClercq   there are videos online that might help you.



Thanks, but I'm new on this Community. Where can I find these video's please?

@PascalDeClercq  I did a search in Bing on "add a colored table in MS Teams wiki" and these are the resources I found: add a colored table in MS Teams wiki - Bing

@ThereseSolimeno Guess what, I clicked on your link and found your useless answer.

Hello @dlastov   None of the resources on that page were of help?  That's unfortunate.  Guess you'll just have to see if anyone else in the community has suggestions.


I suppose what the previous poster was saying is that your approach of doing a google search, not verifying any of the links, then posting it as if it is an answer, is not only not useful, but a waste of people's time.


The actual answer to the OP's question is this.

What you are asking for cannot currently be done in teams.  The wiki in teams is extremely primitive compared to the leading contenders out there.

Perhaps it might be useful to restrict your support to matters you are genuinely knowledgeable on. I'm sure the community would benefit from that.
I will do that moving forward.