Tab in TEAMS channel for call queue




In a recent MS partner presentation regarding TEAMS and Phone System, I saw an interesting screenshot:


It looks like a special tab added to a TEAMS chanel where we can see number of waiting calls and there is also a button to login/logout the call queue (instead of having to navigate to Settings ==> Calls).

The partner has not been able to tell me where he found it.

Does someone have more information about this tab and how to get it?



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Wait till next week and you're likely to see it on some Ignite session :)


@Vasil Michev has this dropped yet? I saw it in Ignite, but no word yet

@Antoine HESKIA 

Look like the new feature: Collaborative calling

@Alexandre Labelle 

It looks really nice... I found it in the M365 roadmap ==>

We have to wait until March 2021.