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In a recent MS partner presentation regarding TEAMS and Phone System, I saw an interesting screenshot:


It looks like a special tab added to a TEAMS chanel where we can see number of waiting calls and there is also a button to login/logout the call queue (instead of having to navigate to Settings ==> Calls).

The partner has not been able to tell me where he found it.

Does someone have more information about this tab and how to get it?



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Wait till next week and you're likely to see it on some Ignite session :)


@VasilMichev has this dropped yet? I saw it in Ignite, but no word yet

@Antoine HESKIA 

Look like the new feature: Collaborative calling

@Alexandre Labelle 

It looks really nice... I found it in the M365 roadmap ==>

We have to wait until March 2021.

@Antoine HESKIA 


Is there any information on when this will be in the developer preview, or anyway to test this before March?



@Antoine HESKIA 

As Follow Up: The feature is now available.

The Tab appears when you connect a Team-Channel to a Call Queue in Teams Admin Center -> Queue Config.

Yes I have seen the message in the admin center and enabled it on our commercial team call queue.
I notice some strange behavior :
- The team members can only see their received calls. They don't see answered calls by others neither missed calls
- I can see missed calls 

I do not know how to change this.

Any info ?

@Antoine HESKIA 


How long did it take for your call queue to show up in your team channel? I added a call queue to a team channel and it has yet to populate after a couple hours. 


It tooks less than a minute...


As I mentionned in my previous post this feature is finally not that helpfull. It does not really look like in the annoncement (  


Here is how it is on my client. As you can see (sorry for the French interface). Only calls that I have answered are listed and I am the only one how can see missed calls. The others agents do not see missed calls and see only their answered calls. I do not know how to change this...


collaborative call.jpg


I noticed even stranger behavior - if another agent answered the call on the queue, I see in the queue call history my name as an answering agent. At first I thought maybe its because I am admin but another agent sees his name against the call that I answered. The app shows the name of the person that is signed in as the answering agent when another agent actually answers the call. That came out scrambled, just the way the call queues are...:)
I've turned this on and nothing appeared in the Channel, even 24 hours later. Any ideas?
All team members/agents have assigned phone numbers, right?
Not all members of the team, only those people that are using the queue. Does every member of the Team need to have phone licenses assigned?

@Antoine HESKIA I am able to select the Team I want to add but the dropdown menu doesn't ,well..., drop down. Any idea why the channels are not showing up.
Tried it in functional call queues and created a new one.




Same issue with every Team.


@Dennis_Savic I don't why it does not work on your side... Have you tried another browser (I use Edge)
Maybe the service is not yet fully available on your tenant...
Tried all the browsers, I guess the latter is the case.
Thank you.
I reached out to Microsoft Support. This feature is still in the "Rolling Out" Phase on the roadmap. It has apparently not hit GCC yet, i'm just going to wait until it says it has completed before i try again.
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best response confirmed by ThereseSolimeno (Microsoft)

Wait till next week and you're likely to see it on some Ignite session :)

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