Sync unread notifications between desktop and mobile

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Running iOS 15.5.


In the actual Teams app on my phone, conversations that were read on desktop show as read, however the challenge I'm facing is related to the notification center on my phone (i.e. the notifications that show up on the lock screen).  Even though the app knows those messages have been read, the notifications on the lock screen still show up.


The challenge is if I'm working on my desktop for a few hours, the next time I look at my phone I'll have a slew of Teams notifications in the notification center for messages that have already been read and it's annoying and time consuming to clear them.


I've already blocked notifications in the app using the "when active on desktop" setting, but it seems as though this doesn't always work and I still end up with notifications on my phone for conversations I've had on desktop.


Is there anything I can do about this or is it a bug?

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Can you please check if you rest the Microsoft Teams app on your mobile and check if you are still facing the issue. The issue seems to be with the customized setting causing the delay in the notification from desktop to mobile application.

Also try to uninstall the teams on mobile and try to configure the Teams Mobile again and check.

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