Switching Between Main & Guest Account in Desktop App

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I've recently received a link to join a client's MS Team, and on my mobile app I have noticed the separate account when selecting top left options icon, under "Accounts and Orgs".


On the Windows Desktop app, however, I can not find a way to switch between these two accounts.

In the following post, I noticed a screenshot with an icon for the accounts on the bottom left panel, but I do not have those accounts available.



My window looks like this:



How do I switch between my main Teams account and the Guest account on the Windows Desktop app?

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Sign out of the desktop client and sign back in and see if this gets you the org switch

Thanks, after signing out and back in, the account selector is now visible top right, thanks!





Hi @rudiminty   FYI - if you don't want to keep signing in and out, you can always keep one account open in the desktop app and the other open on the web.