Switching Between Main & Guest Account in Desktop App

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I've recently received a link to join a client's MS Team, and on my mobile app I have noticed the separate account when selecting top left options icon, under "Accounts and Orgs".


On the Windows Desktop app, however, I can not find a way to switch between these two accounts.

In the following post, I noticed a screenshot with an icon for the accounts on the bottom left panel, but I do not have those accounts available.



My window looks like this:



How do I switch between my main Teams account and the Guest account on the Windows Desktop app?

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Sign out of the desktop client and sign back in and see if this gets you the org switch

Thanks, after signing out and back in, the account selector is now visible top right, thanks!




Hi @rudiminty   FYI - if you don't want to keep signing in and out, you can always keep one account open in the desktop app and the other open on the web.

@ThereseSolimeno It's pretty disappointing that this is the best Microsoft can come up with.

One should be able to see "Foreign" teams (where they are a guest) in their own organisation without having to switch profiles.  How silly. 

Hi @adam deltinger , I have exactly the same issue as @rudiminty but I cannot solve it by just signing out and then back in. I received a link from a partner to participate as guest to their team. However, I cannot switch to this guest account on the desktop or the web app. The account selector is not visible.


When I click the link they sent me, it opens the team only if I select "Use the web app instead" and not if I click "Launch it now" to do it through the desktop app.


On the web app I can access the team, and the account selector is visible. However, when I choose to switch back to my main account, the selector is not visible anymore, exactly as it is in the desktop app. Similarly, on the web app, I cannot switch to the guest account If I am logged in my main account.


Any help or ideas would be greatly appreciated!

Please sign out of all Teams accounts and close Teams app. On restart you should see the option to change profiles.
You can click on your account top right (showing your status) and select "<- -> Accounts & Orgs" and you should be able to switch (hopefully).

Thank you for your response @Michael_S11 . Unfortunately it didn't work. I signed out from all my Microsoft account tabs and apps (email, calendar, Teams) and restarted my computer. After the reboot, I opened Teams but I still see the same as before.


Do I miss something?

@chrichr exactly the same issue. I can switch on the web and on my phone but the desktop app doesn't allow it and the "launch it now" for desktop teams does nothing. Is it too much to ask that the experience is consistent across platforms (perhaps especially for the Windows desktop app!!).

I have run into the same issue. My external guest is unable to see her company Teams site AND our company Teams site in the Desktop App. She is able to see it from web based.
Conversely, I am a member of 2 external Teams sites and I can see them both from my Desktop App. Is there a 'switch' that needs to be enabled by her IT department? Could it be as simple as that?