Switch between personal and corporate accounts on Ms Teams Desktop


How do I switch between my personal Teams account and the corporate one? When I click on my avatar, I can only see the option to log out but there is no option to switch.

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@ArthurOff This feature is still in preview and you can use in mobile app not on desktop app. If u already installed teams, enable developers preview in about in settings.

Hi @ArthurOff   You can't see two tenants in the desktop app at the same time, so I usually have one open in the app and the other open on the web.


UPDATE:  This feature is on the roadmap for Feb 2021: Microsoft 365 Roadmap | Microsoft 365



I have been using the personal account for months on desktop app, I logged out by mistake and now it keeps logging in as cooperate account so I cant see the org I had set up all along.


Any advice on how I can switch back to the personal ?


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Microsoft not released the feature to sign in with personal account in MS Teams desktop application. Its planned for Feb 2021. I don't how you logged in with personal account.
On option if you are invited for meeting with personal account then you can sigin to attend the meeting.

@Swaminathan_Arumugam  I find its horrible, when i have the 2 two open on desktop it keeps always reverting back to my corporate account not my personal account, i have signed out and tried everything, its embarrasing and could cost my a job, I wish they would actually test their stuff!

@janne775 You need reinstall the Teams desktop client. Some issue with upgrade.



@ArthurOff  I find this so frustrating as not only is the Mac version slightly different, but also my work email is now somehow connected to my personal ID. If I delete the work email off my personal ID, but then need to log into my work TEAMS, it says the account doesn't exist - but I know for a fact that I have both... I wish I can use both the work and personal account on one app on my desktop... Very frustrating...

@VernonFTotally agree! I've paid for my personal account, yet can't access it - keep being told I can only log in through my school account. I am now on a new computer and haven't even been able to figure out how to download the apps. So frustrating!!