Survey settings in CsTeamsFeedbackPolicy

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Please i need your help on this issue.


Could you please confirm if the below policy settings are correct.
My requirement is :
"Give FeedBack"
option should appear in Teams.
Allow "Surveys" to appear for users to which they can respond.


Hence I have set  "UserInitiatedMode" to Disabled 
" ReceiveSurveysMode"
to Enabled in the TeamsFeedbackpolicy.

Below details for reference, please let me know if below settings are correct.


PS C:\] Get-CsTeamsFeedbackPolicy -Identity Tag:DevTenant_SurveysMode

Identity : Tag:DevTenant_SurveysMode
UserInitiatedMode : Disabled
ReceiveSurveysMode : Enabled
AllowScreenshotCollection : False
AllowEmailCollection : False
AllowLogCollection : False
EnableFeatureSuggestions  :



I haven't received "Survey prompt" yet for account to which this policy was applied.

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You set UserInitiatedMode to disabled but the definition says

Set the userInitiatedMode parameter to enabled to allow users who are assigned the policy to give feedback. Setting the parameter to disabled turns off the feature and users who are assigned the policy don't have the option to give feedback.

Let me know if I understood you correctly,