Suggestion - Teams remembers last screen setup and sharing

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I have 3 monitors and I have a habit of always sharing information from monitor #3. 

When opening the sharing menu in Teams you're presented with 2 monitors, and you have to select "More" to view the rest. 


It would be good if Teams could suggest the last monitor you shared as one of the 2 presented. This way I wouldn't have to click the "More" button to find the 3rd. It may not seem like a big issue, but as Teams is steadily becoming more feature rich and "large", it also becomes slower. And all delayed button clicks are an annoyance. 



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Hello @BentArne  The place to make feature suggestions and reports bugs is the Uservoice feedback forum - there are quite a few existing "remember last" suggestions - you may already find one on this subject.  If not, you can open a new suggestion and others can vote on it.  Thank you.