Students view Comment in Assignment before Grade Returned = Bad

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How can teachers edit, highlight and comment in students turned in assignment without them seeing our comments in their document until we click Return. With the amount of grading we have it can be two weeks from grading the first assignment to the last. Presently a student can see each comment immediately as they happen, out of context and without an opportunity to revise our comments before returning the assignment.  Also, the owner of the assignments I grade first can have two weeks longer to improve their work than the assignment I grade last. This is not fair and will lead to complaints from students. How can this be corrected?

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I have the same problem as the one @HelpDesk1998 describes in their post. Feedback should not become available to students until the assignment is returned. Not only is it unfair to other students, it increases unnecessarily professors' workload, as it leads to concerned students to email their instructors for clarification after having access to out-of-context feedback. It is inefficient and goes against best pedagogical practices.