Students not being able to access the chat during a Microsoft Teams meeting

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I have students that can participate in the Microsoft Teams meeting but cannot participate in the chat. However, other students are able to participate in the app. What might be wrong?

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A. The meeting is a channel meeting and not all the students are a member of that meeting.
B. Same as A with channel meeting, except they are joining via web / anonymous with the link in an e-mail / calendar invite.
C. There are meeting policies setup and applied differently to different students and some of the students are not allow chat?
D. Students are joining with web client and not signed in / using desktop client and not signing in and chat is restricted from external users via policy?

Just some ideas that could cause it.
Hello, did you manage to resolve this? When I set up a team meeting and mute students before the meeting begins, the option of uniting is no longer possible. They cant chat either, but I didnt disable chat and there isnt even an option to chat.