Student has deleted an Assignment

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A student has inadvertently deleted an assignment that they had been working on for a few weeks. I am able to upload the original document but this means she will have to start again. Is there a way for her (or me) to retrieve the deleted file through Teams or One Drive?

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If they clicked "Remove" on the work within the Assignment it should still be there in SharePoint. If you go to the Files tab on the Team, then click Open in SharePoint:



Then click Site contents at the left hand side, then you should see something like this:


Click on Student Work, then Working files, then the name of the student, then the name of the assignment, and you should find their work still in that folder. 


Unfortunately there's no way for the student to get this back directly from the "Add work" screen, so you'll have to copy the file out of SharePoint and into a location the student can access.



Thanks for your reply. Unfortunately, it didn't work. The only file in the 'Working Files' folder is the original template that I put in there yesterday.


I'm not sure how she managed to delete/remove it (and neither is she). Back to the drawing board!

@Mr_Bidwell Two last ideas, if she deleted it from SharePoint it should show up in the Recycle bin if you open the Team in SharePoint.

Or if she's somehow rolled back the file to the original one you put in the folder, click the "3 dots" menu next to the file name in SharePoint, then go Version History and it might show up in there (you can View/Restore/Delete versions. Not sure what happens with deleted versions.)