Student cannot see some of their Teams

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I have picked up for the next week the task of editing any student Teams as requested by staff; we recently had one where a Year 7 student switched tutors and all her classes.


I have removed her from her old tutor and classes, and updated them to what shows on SIMS (our student database) via the Admin Centre. However, if I log in as that student to Teams I can see that she is missing two classes, but she does show as a member in them when I look at the Team in the admin centre.


What could be causing this, and what should I do? I added her yesterday afternoon, and also tried deleting her and re-adding her to the two missing classes but no joy.

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@Christir86 Give it a couple of days, when you change membership via the admin centre it changes in the M365 group, but can take a while to be picked up in the client.


Making changes as the Team Owner in the client is always immediate.

@Steven Collier Thanks Steven, I'll give it a few days and if still no joy I will contact the teachers of that Team to add the student.