Stuck on first time startup instructions

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I have now guided several people through installing Microsoft Teams in my company and this issue keeps popping up all too often.

After Microsoft Teams PC program starts and goes through logon process, it tries to do some sort of pointless tutorial for the user. This tutorial locks down input by darkening most of the screen while highlighting one part of it in order to show most common areas of the program to the user. User is supposed to also see a small popup window with text explaining the section.

Trouble is half the time these small popup windows are less than obvious or don't even show up.

Is there some way if a user is stuck at such a step, like here: 


to somehow force Teams to skip this step.

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@PeterRising Nah. Note that the window the person was talking in that issue is darkened out compared to the white bar above it. User can't click on the window in the middle because the application has restricted input to just the hilighted top and presumably the small tip window that should have popped up explaining the section of the screen which has been hilighted (top). Problem is that window hasn't popped up so there is no way to proceed.




Ah my bad, sorry about that.  I'm not aware of any means of suppressing this,  

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Problem was in some cases solved by mashing the escape key till it clears all invisible dialog bubbles.



If you want to skip this step just create user GPO to add Registry key

HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\IM Providers\DefaultIMApp - Teams


Found answer here: