Streamlining Clinical Referral Contacts

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We are looking for a way to take our "yellow pages" that are in binders and input them electronically to access through / in Teams. 

The idea is to have a "phone book" that we can search using F2 (Pain management), which will then pull anything we have listed for that title. We would also like to include a hyper link our staff can click to take them to the referral paper work for these locations. 


Any one have any tips or tricks of programs or apps I can manipulate into this or use? I don't currently have Adobe Creator. 

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Hi @angelayoung ,


Unfortunately Teams in lacking in this respect but I am sure that will not always be the case. I am keeping a close eye on:


However I may still be missing your point with the above as the above is more the fact that you can easily interact with Contacts on a per user basis based on a respective users Contacts in Outlook. Whereas a lot of people with the above User Voice are gunning for a GAL in Teams. This integration is vital to have a great experience in terms of then being able to directly instigate a call within Teams etc.


For the now you could either go down the custom app route, so say a PowerApp as a front and a SharePoint list underneath housing all of the contacts. Now this would be easy to create and surface in Teams, aside from the pain of populating, unless you wanted to get involved with some sort of AI to try and detect the paper stuff, if in a consistent format.


You could of course similar to the above go one easier and just have a contacts list in say SharePoint and surface it within a Team, the problem here could be that it will be isolated somewhat in one Team.


That is where the first suggestion can come in handy as if a PowerApp, with it being seen by Teams as an App you would have the option to pin this for all to see in the left hand navigation of Teams.


It will also be interesting to see what Dataflex brings us, with the ability to create a Teams Centric Power App from within Teams (so excited to get my hands on this)








@henryarphillips365  Please bear with me! An interactive phone book is absolutely what I am looking for. The hospital I work for has one for he entire campus. I need one just for our small clinic. It will house all the in house and out source providers that OUR providers refer out to. Again being able to quick search (F2) and having a hyperlink under it when there is a specific referral form needing to be filled out for that office. 

As far as the powerapp and share point, is there a guide or info you could give me to help guide me to put this together? I'm tech savvy but no where near all you wizards! 


Added note: we have ONE team with multiple channels. 

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Hi @angelayoung 


Where to begin with training resources for PowerApps.


Lets start off official:


So you will find many a module at


If you also go to, once signed in look for templates there are some apps that will teach you in the form of the app. You can also have a play with some of the other ideas, to allow you to reverse engineer and figure stuff out.


Non official I always like Shane Youngs PowerApps 911 Youtube videos.