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I am trying to enable this feature for my admin user, I was reading the documentation to do it as it has to be done via PowerShell :
Microsoft Teams: RTMP Streaming Support

Enables support for your users to stream their Teams meetings to large audiences through Real Time Messaging Protocol (RTMP), including endpoints outside your organization. For GCC-H and DoD please refer to the roadmap 93635.

  • Feature ID: 83562

  • Added to roadmap: 6/15/2021

  • Last modified: 3/31/2022

  • Product(s): Microsoft Teams

  • Cloud instance(s): Worldwide (Standard Multi-Tenant), GCC

  • Platform(s): Mac, Desktop

  • Release phase(s): General Availability

I was reading in this link and I can't find the -Identity that represents this function to enable it. The question is, could you help me to know what is the command in PowerShell to enable this function or if there is any other way to enable it?

Added image of the error of the feature 

josuef97_0-1649873963718.png                   josuef97_1-1649873973874.png




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I think it's quite probable the feature has not hit your tenant yet....31st of March is still quite close in time