Stream Videos on Sharepoint sites not working when site is added in Teams channel

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Hello Community,

I have the issue that I added a video in the Stream-Webpart on a modern Sharepoint-Site and it works fine when using the browser but it has some account issue when adding the site to a Teams-Channel. I use the site as a guide for the channel and want to implement the videos for a better user experience. When I tested the site within teams everything was working fine, but now I can't see the videos either. Even though I uploaded them with my own account, Teams asks me to sign in. When I try to use the link an empty page shows up. I attached a picture of what is shown in Teams.

Thanks in advance

Peter Herold

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Same here. seems like most recent bug from MS, as everything was working well before.

We also have the same problem, both on our own SharePoint app, as well as on several of our customers SharePoint apps.



Exact same issue, I am able to view the Stream videos on SharePoint but if I add the SharePoint site to Teams the videos will appear for a few seconds and then are replaced with a thumbnail with the same message about needing to sign in or signup. Has anyone found a fix?