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I wasn't sure if this question was answered already but I have a question with respect to receiving voicemails in MS Teams instead of my phone service provider.


Our current setup is as follows, we are using MS Teams Direct Routing integration with <Phone Service Provider>, and when someone leaves us a voicemail it is stored at Net2Phone and not in our MS Teams SharePoint drive. Is there anyway to direct the storing of voicemails within MS Teams instead of storing them in phone service provider site?


We spoke to our phone service provider but according to them since the phone call is being directed through them they currently don't see a way to save and store voicemails on our server instead of theirs.


Is there something I am missing?


Thank You


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Hi @KenGomes  I think that the emails have to be hosted on Exchange for Voicemail to work.  Here's an article that may pertain to your issues.  If not, reply back and we'll see what the rest of the community suggests.




Thank you for responding, we do have an active 365 connection and our exchange server is being hosted on Azure. Currently, when we receive voicemails the actual voicemail is stored on phone service providers severs, and then we get an email with the wav file attached to it. We are trying to store the actual wav file on our servers also.


The scenario I am proposing is when a user leaves a voicemail instead of storing the actual wav file on the phone service providers servers and then having the phone service provider email us with the wav file attached. I would like the following wf to be implemented, when a user leaves a voicemail we store the wav file on our servers (never storing anything on the phone service provider server) and then having MS Teams email us with the wav file attached or be able to listen to voicemails directly within MS Teams.


My apologies for being repetitive when providing an explanation and that's where my dilemma lies.


Hopefully that makes sense.


Thank You