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November 09, 2021, 08:00 AM - 12:00 PM (PST)

Storing data locally

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Is there a way to set our company's local SharePoint server as 'root' for MS Teams? Just to make sure that NO information that has been shared in Teams will be stored anywhere but on our own physical devices.


We must not use Teams for business matters if any document or any part of our conversations might be stored outside our intranet.

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No, it's not design each time you create a Team, a new site collection is created and you cannot change this. What you can do is just add tabs to the Intranet locations where documents should be loaded and train your people.

That's predestinated to cause legal conflicts with european and especially german data protection laws. How could any german company agree to their data being sent and stored overseas?


As long as exclusive local storage isn't possible, it's a showstopper for the professional use of Teams. (At least for those companies trying to remain in accordance with the laws..)

They have geo SharePoint / OneDrive servers. I don't have the full details, but I know you can set those up. Then your Teams should use those locations, if not when you set them UP you should be able to move them. Not sure on full support yet, but I know they are def. working on it if not.

Teams is built upon SharePoint Online, there's no way around that.


Office 365 has the option for german data residency, so then all this data would stay within the regulatory boundry.

I find that this is still very relevant, especially as we approach the killing of Skype for Business. Skype for Business server 2019 is still planned support through January 9, 2024. However, what will it be from that day forward?
Will Microsoft Teams be available in any way as a server option, to ensure, that it is not cloud based, and thus not hackable??

@MortenRUD89 Teams is a cloud service, but lets be entirely clear that does not mean it is 'hackable'. It's highly likely to be more secure than any service on premises as


  • Perfectly maintained by Microsoft, never out of date with updates to any component of application, servers, clients etc.
  • Secured at the identity level with Azure AD, and at the network level with Conditional Access
  • Fully encrypted, including now supporting your own keys if you don't want Microsoft to manage them
  • No Microsoft staff have access to your data without an approval process that can involve you via Customer Lockbox
  • A substantial security operations team monitoring Office 365 24x7x365 including third party validation testing (the results are shared with you)

It's good enough for the US Military U.S. DoD rolls out Microsoft Teams environment for up to 4 million people | Windows Central, governments, banks, etc.