Stopping and restarting recording overwrites the first recording?

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I had an hour long meeting which was recorded from the start. The recording process was visually confirmed by multiple participants. 


At the end of the meeting I went to stop the recording but it did not immediately stop when I selected the option.  I went back and hit the option again and after a short delay it finally stopped.  However, when I checked Stream today the recording is 29 seconds long and there is no second recording.


First, there seemed to be a delay in how the recording options were behaving. 


Second,  why would it overwrite the previous video rather than just adding a (1) to the filename of the new one?  Was the processing time interrupted? Why was I not warned before the first video was overwritten?   Is there a way to retrieve the video that was overwritten?


This seems like a significant bug or a really annoying "feature". 



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Hello, sorry to hear that. I suggest you reach out to your IT admin who can open up a support ticket with Microsoft to see what happened. When you start and stop you should get a clip for each recording so to speak.

Unfortunately you can't pause a recording today but there's a UV for that being planned
This is by design unfortunately; Teams will automatically overwrite a previous recording for the same meeting with the new one. It does this if you hit the limit (4 hours or 1.5GB, whichever occurs first) or if you manually stop the recording and start a new one.