Stop Users from downloading Teams recordings locally


We are about to implement MS Steams to store all users meeting recordings there and we want to stop users downloading recordings locally is this possible. 


Also how do i set a retention policy up for recordings in MS TEAMS

Many thanks

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@ChristianBergstrom  thanks for these does this stop the download option when users finish there recordings? I will test so thanks for these links they are really helpful.

@Ian Maclauchlan No worries! Sounds good that you're going to do some tests as you can 'restrict' using different approaches. As one of the links says.


"User needs to be licensed (Stream) to upload/download meetings to/from Microsoft Stream, however they do not need the license to record a meeting. If you wish to block a user from recording a Microsoft Teams Meeting, you must grant a TeamsMeetingPolicy that has AllowCloudRecording set to $False."


Then there are roles as well, such as where the Attendee cannot do it.


See this as well



@Ian Maclauchlan


I am a MT user within a large Local Authority. 

I want to use MT to conduct sensitive interviews with people I invite.

I understand how to have control of the meeting so that only I can start and stop the recording.

How can I prevent access to the recording by the invitee until I am ready to send it to them. My trials show that at the end of the recording, when the recording file is saved in the conversation screen, the invitee is able to open it and download it to their own computer.