Stop Teams from pinning my message

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Teams keep pinning my messages without me asking it to. Very irritating that I then have to unpin it. And embarrassing, because it's visible to everyone -- everyone in the chat can see that you pinned and then unpinned a message. Aaargh!

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Are you seeing the same issue I am? The first time I click on the "three dots" button on a chat message I have posted, the menu pops up, and then half a second later, the menu items get shifted to add a couple additional items. The result is that if I go to click on "Edit", I end up clicking on "Pin" instead.

@Ryan Steele This same issue has been plaguing me of late.  I go to the menu to select "Edit," and just as I select Edit, the menu expands.  Consequently, I end up selecting "Pin," and now I have to undo the pinned message.  

It would be great of that menu in Teams was updated much more quickly than it is.  

That may be what is happening on my end, but maybe not. All I know is I'm typing my message, I hit send, I click anywhere on the Teams window, and suddenly my last message is pinned!

@TJ_Ryan If you're not explicitly trying to edit a message you have just posted, then you must be encountering a different issue. Either way, best thing to do is to report it through Help > Give feedback.

@Ryan Steele It's annoying as hell. I see a lot of my colleagues do the same. Most of my chats have pinned and unpinned in between.

I can pin my own messages. Teams has pinned ME to the top of my chat list 3 times now. I don't want it, I don't need it. How does something so useless get approved? Oh wait, Windows 8.
This is happening to me too multiple times per day. All of the sudden a chat with myself is pinned to the top of my conversation list... very frustrating

@B_Davis_25 that's actually a separate issue - Teams has recently introduced a feature where - regardless of whether you want it or not - they have a chat with just you pinned to the top. What I'm experiencing is an issue where when I right click to edit a message in a chat with someone else or a group (not just the "only you" chat), that message is being pinned *within the chat stream* for that group chat. Not pinned to the taskbar on the left - pinned within the chat itself.

I have tried - that is why I am here. Because the feedback has not been actioned.
Crazy right? With the limited amount of space that exists for valid chat someone thought it would be a good idea to eat into the very top of it with something so phenomenally useless that I'm actually baffled. I am NEVER going to chat with myself.
Correct, I was replying to someone else's comment.
Agreed. This happens to me at least once a day - I go to 'Edit' and, just as I click, the option changes to 'Pin'. It's so frustrating. Please fix this!
Having the same issue. It's not because I accidently click pin when editing a message. The issue I have occurs randomly every couple of days after my computer has bene shutdown overnight. There's some kind of glitch that always pins the same message from November 2021 in the same chat conversation.
Already done that thanks Ryan - no response and the bug still happens for me and other users.
Same for me. Every few days, a message that I sent a year ago gets pinned to the top of my team's group chat, and I have to unpin it. :(
Same problem. Every day, a message I sent to myself automagically gets "pinned" to the top. There's no way to unpin it.

I am so tired of the morons at Microsoft adding new magical "features".

For ever "feature" they add, they need to double their effort to allow a way to disable it.


Oh my, this behavior is a new observation for me, but others have been dealing with this for over a year and a half. Holy cow Microsoft, get with it!

The latest is that I am pinned and now I cannot unpin myself. I will try again after the next reboot.

I think I have a solution!!!

I've been dealing with this issue for a while now. I finally just went up to the pinned message and deleted my message. I haven't seen the pin come back as of yet (been 2 days so far). I know this post is old but thought someone could potentially benefit from it.