Still receiving notifications from Team I have left in IOS app

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I left a Teams group in my organisation as the notifications were too frequent and it wasn't useful to me. The organisation basically setup a giant group chat with 2000 people for IT support.


I no longer receive notifications on Desktop but I still receive them on IOS. I have logged out and back in again as well as tried deleting the app and reinstalling. When I click a notification it says I am not part of the Team.

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@agabb1 When did you removed yourself from this group chat? 

I left the group 2 days ago. The notifications show up and when I press one it says I’m not part of the group.

@agabb1 In the IOS App, can you do the following: 


Click on your profile picture, click on "Settings", after that click on "Data and storage" (not sure if that is the exact name, it's the 3rd option from above, below notifications. 

In the next menu, click on "Delete app data" (also not sure if that is the exact name, it's the second option under "storage").

The app will remove all data, and if i have it correct, you will go back to the login screen. 


Try to log in again and see if it has been fixed :) 

Great Thanks, I didn’t realise we had that option in the settings :D

It didn't have any effect at first, but after a few tries it cleared my notification feed. I'll see if starts back up again and report back.

Thanks for the reply and support! Appreciate it.

@agabb1 no problem, hope it fixed the issue for you! 


Let me know the outcome :) 

@Mitchell Bakker Hi, unfortunately I'm still receiving notifications. Eventually the notification feed displayed all the past ones too. Think it's a very unusual bug.

Did you ever find a resolution to this? I’m having the same issue and the notifications are relentless!

Anyone ever found a solution? I have a user with the same issue.