Still getting notifications for channels I've turned them off for - how to disable?


I'm receiving notifications for channels which I've explicitly turned them off for, and the channels are hidden in the team. I've tried showing the channels again, going to channel notifications and making sure both options are off and then hiding the channel again but this hasn't helped. I see the same behaviour across multiple computers in both desktop client and web app. I had previously 'followed' the channels back when that was a thing, it's a possibly a hold over from that?

Would really like a way to disable them permanently.

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I’m getting these notifications constantly on the desktop for one team and only one channel. No lightbulb, can’t figure out how to stop them.
What icon is showing for the notification?
This is what it looks like - notifications are off for this team and I don’t have the suggested option in my message settings as mentioned above.
You should be able to right click the "General" Channel that Team and go to Channel Notifications, what are the settings in that channel.
All new posts > Off & Channel mentions > Off
It's possible you had followed channels on and the setting is taking the default still since general is always followed. Change the settings to on, then turn them off again, see if that "resets" the setting.

I have the exact same problem. I turned off all notifications and yet I'm still getting notifications. This is for an alerts channel that I followed (back when you had to follow a channel to be notified).

All new posts - off

Channel mentions - off


I think it's a bug. Has anyone raised it with Microsoft support?

Did you try setting it on, then back off? I'm wondering if there is a disconnect with the channel notifications and mobile as well that might be adding? Set and unset, then check mobile app, go to the channel and see if the bell on top right is on?
That did not work. I’ve only got access to the desktop version as well.
I’m not sure what happened but these notifications stopped as of Monday but have now returned today.
Yeah I actually noticed getting some for channels I have turned off as well.
Suffering from the same. Just want to throw that out there: Teams is a steaming pile of hot garbage. Thanks.


This is still an issue this year.

Make a comment to a group chat (reply) and turn off notifications. If you make another reply, the setting remains the same but the notification blocker is removed and you still get them coming through.


And this is just another aspect of why teams is a cup of cold sick. Thanks.