Still getting notifications for channels I've turned them off for - how to disable?


I'm receiving notifications for channels which I've explicitly turned them off for, and the channels are hidden in the team. I've tried showing the channels again, going to channel notifications and making sure both options are off and then hiding the channel again but this hasn't helped. I see the same behaviour across multiple computers in both desktop client and web app. I had previously 'followed' the channels back when that was a thing, it's a possibly a hold over from that?

Would really like a way to disable them permanently.

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You are most likely getting notifications on a per thread level due to you replying? It's possible those threads are individually followed due to previous settings as well but they should technically use the parent channel settings unless tweaked previously. Next notificaiton you get, go to the actual thread and click the ... next to it and turn off notificaitons and see if that helps, but if it's new posts it could be another issue.

@Chris Webb These are all new messages in the channel, no threads involved. Just to double check did press '...' on one of them and notifications are disabled.

i would go try to turn on notifications save it then turn off see if that doesn anything to register the setting properly.

@Chris Webb I've tried that already but tried again anyway yesterday and still got the notifications today unfortunately. The messages are being pushed to the channel via another team member's Flow setup but I don't think the source should make a difference.

No, that's a good point, the flow might bypass the messaging api or something that checks for the newer per thread notifications or something. Does the flow use @mentions of any kind? Might be a bug with flow's in general bypassing that. Have messages come in from users where it has not respected the settings or seems to be all flow ones?

@Chris Webb the flow does not use @ mentions. If another team mate posts in the channel I don't get notifications. However he does also gets the flow notifications for channels even when he's got them turned off, but for *different* channels to what I get them for.

Are these different channels part of the same Team? So you both are in the same Team, but you don't get a notification for a certain channel and he does? If that's the case, do you guys have the channel hidden vs shown different from each other?

Anyway, let me know, and I'll try to report this up since you would think Flows should respect notification settings.

@Chris Webb  Correct, different channels in the same Team. I get notifications for some, he gets notifications for others. All of the channels are hidden. Happy to chat internally/screen share if it's useful or to sanity check, feel free to send a message on Teams.

@Chris Webb I have a very similar problem. We have an Azure logic app posting messages to a channel, and no matter what I try, I cannot stop being notified by the new messages coming in.


The frustrating part is, we've had this system live for over a year without issues, its only within the last month or so that this channel suddenly wont stop notifying, which makes me think something has changed in Teams.


Also extra frustrating as its a busy channel! :)


Anything you can do would be great! Thanks.

@Chris Webb , I'm having a similar issue only I don't believe it's due to an API call, Flow, etc.  I subscribed to a handful of channels a year ago and unsubscribed (hidden, unpinned, whatever the term is) a lot time ago.  I wasn't using notifications but I had to turn it back on for oncall issues.  I continue to get notifications for channels I've unsubscribed from.  I tried resubscribing to turn off all notifications for all new pots and all channel mentions, but that didn't work. 


What else can I try?


I get dozens of messages per day that I want to ignore (the old channels) but I can't ignore potential client issues (channels I still have notifications configured for).  

Can you screenshot the activity feed item for these? It’s probably the new suggested notification type they snuck in that is on by default that’s been confusing everyone.

@Chris Webb 

Hi all,

We have some users having the same issue.

Turns out that they weren't aware of the ability to silence the notifications in a specific conversation.



But considering, that a user can choose between three different locations to update the notifications, this doesn't surprise me at all.

Maybe this option needs a bit more accessible.




@Chris Webb I don't think I can do that.  There's internal proprietary/client info even in the short preview.  Is there something in the activity feed you want to know?  I can also whiteout all the preview info but I don't know if that will help you. 


Let me know about the notification type and I can check that too.  This is driving me crazy.  I don't mind trying things that might not work.

I just want to see the icon next too the notification you got that you wern't supposed to get. If it's a lightbulb, that means the Suggested notifications are the cause of the issue and you need to turn them off.
That might be it. Saw the lightbulb. Turned off under Settings > Notifications > Messages > Suggested > Off.
Yup, that and Trending, make sure they are off on mobile too since I don't believe they sync on/off for the account.

Hi @Chris Webb, I have this same issue. I've disabled notifications for a channel, but still get notifications in activity. I've tried toggling on and off, but the notifications keep coming through. Is there a fix?


Those are suggested notifications "Lightbulb" icon and annoyingly new and on by default. Go to your settings(photos top right) > Notifications to disable Suggested type to get rid of them.

Hi @Chris Webb, I think that was it. Those notifications are unbelievably annoying because they appear the same as a direct message or channel mention would. Thank you very much for the help.