Starting a recording in the middle of a Teams Meeting

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I just started with a new company. With my previous company Teams' account, if you started the recording of a meeting part of the way through the meeting, it would go back and record everything from the start of the meeting.   However, with my new company, this is not the case.  it only records from the time you start the recording.  Is there a setting I can change to enable this feature?  @Kevin Stratvert    TYIA!

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Hi! You must be mistaken here! The recording won’t exist until you start it! Maybe someone else started it in the beginning previously? Anyway, it’s not possible to retrieve any parts of a meeting that hasn’t been recorded by manually or automatically doing so.

No such setting.
Adam - Thanks for your response. However, with my prevoous company, it did in fact work as I described. I had routinely started recording in the middle of a meeting and would record the complete meeting. My thoughts were that Teams would "Record" all meetings and only save them if some would turn on recording. Hopefully someone from the MS Teams (@Kevin Stratvert ?) will chime in here. Thanks again!
Hey! Yes, I remember our (previous, now) company changing a setting and this functionality working as well. Will research more.

@jwpjr765 Thank you for looking into it; much appreciated!

@VicDewey33 I was also able to record full meeting even though I pressed record in the middle of the meeting... now it is not so.... there has to be some settings some where for enabling this feature...

@Surya755 Thank you for confirming and validating that I' not crazy!

@jwpjr765, any luck with your research into this?