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Teams add-in in Outlook 2016 does not exist. Therefore, the user cannot invite to meetings.
I have tried all the suggestions listed on this page for troubleshooting without any solution to the problem:
I also reinstalled Windows, but the add-on still doesn't show up after installing Teams.
TeamsAddin.FastConnect does not exist in the registry.
Help? Is this a common issue?

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Hi @IKTMalene 


Can you please confirm if the users Teams Application is working fine. In case yes then do the following steps :- 


  • Launch RegEdit.exe
  • Navigate to HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Microsoft\Office\Outlook\Addins
  • Verify TeamsAddin.FastConnect exists.
  • Within TeamsAddin.FastConnect, verify LoadBehavior exists and is set to 3.
    • If LoadBehavior has a value other than 3, change it to 3 and restart Outlook.

In case the Value doesn't do one thing from one of the user machine go to the same location and export the folder and install the same on the non-working users machine? This should help.


With Regards,

Satish U

It worked! "TeamsAddin.FastConnect" did not exist. I exported the folder from my computer and imported the folder to the non-working machine.
Thank you for the help! I appreciate it. @RealTime_M365 

Hi i have the same issue, no data in the registry but i dont have it working on any PC in the company. how do i get the needed files?@IKTMalene @Satish2805

@Saluix Hi Chris, would you mind telling us about your company's software/config? Can it be done from Teams on the web? Could it be you're using Teams free? (where scheduled meetings are not included).

My boss needs it only for him. He had a office 2016 License, but i bought him a office 365 subscription, and installed it on his pc with teams. I thought paid teams is included with office 365 (singel user)@ChristianBergstrom 

@Saluix If you have a personal Microsoft 365 subscription, you won't be able to access the Microsoft Teams desktop app as it's not included.

@Saluix I have the exact same problem.  However, I had Outlook 2016 installed with the Microsoft Teams button available in Outlook.  I had to reinstall Windows 10 because of a blue screen problem and installed Microsoft 365 instead of Office 2016 after I did the Windows upgrade.  Now I do not have the Teams button or the entry in the registry (I can't copy the old one now).  I can open Teams (I have 4 different organizations I am a part of), schedule meetings there (it sends me to web Outlook though instead of my Outlook app), but yet still no Teams Meeting button in Outlook.  This is incredibly frustrating considering I have all of the latest Microsoft software.  Why doesn't Microsoft make it easier to install this Add-In?  What registry entry needs to be created to get this button to appear in my Outlook again?  I LOST functionality by upgrading.

@Danan_Davis Hello! Go to the following page and work through all the troubleshooting steps. It should sort things out!



@ChristianBergstrom I've already been through all of those steps.  There is no registry entry to edit.  There is no entry for Teams in Outlook 365 Add-Ins either in enabled or the disabled list.  I did this list before I even posted.

@Danan_Davis Hey, sorry but it's difficult to understand what has been done or not. So I assume you've downloaded and reinstalled the Teams desktop app as well?

@ChristianBergstrom Yep, did that already too.  Rebooted the machine after install too to make sure any registry entry got a chance to write in.  No joy.

@Danan_Davis What subscription do you have? The exact name please.

@ChristianBergstrom For Microsoft 365 I have Microsoft 365 Family.  My Outlook 2016 was part of Office Home & Business 2016 for PC.  Outlook 2016 had the Teams button available in it before I did the install of Microsoft 365.



"I have a Microsoft 365 subscription. Why can’t I access Microsoft Teams?"


If you have a personal Microsoft 365 subscription, you won't be able to access Microsoft Teams. To access the app, you need one of the following Microsoft 365 license plans (see table below).


This explains the add-in behavior

"The Microsoft Teams application always COM-registers the Team-Addin for Outlook. However, if not enabled for your Outlook/Office365 subscription it deletes a few registry keys on startup" 

@ChristianBergstrom So you're saying my subscription doesn't have the button feature but my old 2016 one did?  The links you sent have nothing about non-business subs not getting this functionality.  I'm not even sure in the chart where it spells it out for business subs (I guess in Connectors?).  


It seems the only way to get back the functionality I had is to downgrade to Outlook 2016 or run the hack you linked (which has to be run every time Teams is run).  That seems like incredibly poor choices.  I hope you give the Office team feedback about what a bad experience this is for users.  The fact that I have to schedule my meetings from Teams now which opens the web Outlook client even though I have the Outlook app is really bad.  Disappointing to say the least.  I expect better integration from Microsoft.

@Danan_Davis Hello again, I have no association with Microsoft. I just try to help out whenever I can (when not working). I do understand your frustration though.


But it's quite straight forward. If you use Teams free there's no scheduling of meetings included. And if you use a personal subscription you don't get Teams in the subscription. So you would need on of those in the table I mentioned.


See these pages for some "good to know" stuff.


How do I get access to Microsoft Teams? 


Differences between Microsoft Teams and Microsoft Teams free 


Hope you'll find a way to use Teams that suits your needs.


How to import teams fast add-in to registry
I have exported teams add-in registry key from working machine but unable to import the file in the above mentioned registry path in non working machine. Can I know how to install the exported key on the non working machine