Start a conversation about a Lists item from Microsoft Flow

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Is it possible to start a conversation about a lists item from Microsoft Flow?


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Hi, please can you explain this a little further?  Do you want to use a Power Automate flow to start a Teams chat?  

@PeterRising i want to start a conversation about a lists item with a flow. 


The flow should do exactly what Microsoft described here: Start a conversation about a Lists item

It is a rather new feature so there is probably no template for it yet.


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Ah I see.  I had a quick look in Power Automate and as you say, there does not appear to be a template that will do this.  You could create a user voice request for such a feature at 

@PeterRising is it possible to build this scenario with Power Automate manuelly?



It may well be, but I'm not proficient enough in PA just yet to know that.  :lol:

@tr0nic7 I finally figured this one out, it was driving me crazy! 


It's not documented anywhere officially by Microsoft, but you can make an HTTP request to SharePoint to designate which message thread will show up in the conversation tab. I attempted to write up the whole process. It seems complicated at first, but it works consistently and I'm now using it to make my business's comms about list items run more smoothly.