Standalone Calendar for Teams

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Hi! I'm sorry if this has already been addressed, I looked but couldn't seem to find an answer to this question specifically.

As I understand it, there is a way to merge an Office 365 calendar with Teams so you can access it there. My problem is that I do not have Office 365 and we were going to start using teams for our group's communication and calendar; is there a standalone calendar feature that I'm missing or is it solely set up to work with Office 365? Thank you!

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How are you using Teams without Office 365? Free Teams? You still get SharePoint under the covers with free Teams that you could probably create a Calendar List / App on, and then link to it using Website tab, to the Calendar View URL with ?isdlg=1 at the end, to show just the calendar part of the page.

This won't have much Outlook integration for reminders etc. (You can sync it read only thou from SharePoint). But it's a solution I have used many times.

Also another negative is it will not work on web Teams. Only Desktop client. Anyway, if you need a bit more info, or this interests you let me know and I'll try to explain in more detail how to get to implement it.

@Chris Webb Thank you so much for your reply! Yes we're currently using it as free Teams; our work is such that we're all independent contractors and so business wise, we don't have Office. I saw someone else's mention of that as well and gave it a try with Google forms for now to have a rough calendar in place; is that similar to what you mean? Adding it as a Website tab, correct? I can't do that on mobile but I'm able to do it on the Windows app.


Primarily we were going to use it for mobile app communication (texting is insufficient and leaves people off, so we need something reliable that can also allow transfer of images, documents, and have links like a Calendar and groups, and a friend of mine suggested this).